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When it’s a question of medicinal herbs, quality and freshness are all-important. That’s why, since 1978, we have been searching the entire world for herbs of the first quality and why we negotiate directly with plant producers in each of the regions we buy from. All plants used in the manufacture of our medicinal plant extracts, which include more than 200 individual species, come from our own gardens up in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. We do not dry these plants; we transform them on the same day of harvest by macerating them in different solvents (organic alcohol, vegetable glycerin, organic olive oil) in order to extract their medicinal properties.

Our medicinal infusions come from organic producers who take the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plants and spices to heart. Some of our producers are local people; we give them priority and preference, for the wonderful quality of their products and know-how. Nevertheless, many of the plants we use still come from the four corners of the Earth. We are in daily communication with people in Asia, Africa, Central America and Europe, developing links with people who are cultivating organic plants in their plains or mountains, using methods that respect both the Earth and its people. Organic certification (required in all cases) and fair-trade certification (always requested, sometimes available) also assures us that these plants have been cultivated and harvested with respect for both the workers and their communities; these are conditions and values that we believe must always be upheld.

From the good earth to your dining table, high-quality herbs, certified organic, non-irradiated and entirely free of GMOs. Good tasting, top quality and wonderfully fresh!