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Herb capsules are especially useful when you either need to take a particularly bitter plant, treat chronic problems or ensure regular doses over a long period of treatment. Capsules are taken quickly and easily, keep for a long time and can be carried about conveniently. All our capsules are prepared using vegetable-based containers (kosher) that can be used by vegetarians and contain neither additives, starch, coloring nor preservatives.

1 Arthritea capsules
2 Astragalus capsules
3 Liver tea capsules
4 Milk thistle capsules
5 Circulation tea capsules
6 Colon tea capsules
7 Turmeric capsules
8 Feminine tea capsules
9 Cold & flu tea capsules
10 Hormona tea capsules
11 Goldenseal capsules
12 Nervous tea capsules
13 Nettle capsules
14 Dandelion capsules
15 Prostatea capsules
16 PurifyTOP capsules
17 Resistea capsules
18 Sinus tea capsules
19 Sleepytea capsules
20 Valerian capsules